About Restaurant Stiel

Team Restaurant Stiel

Stiel means “craftsmanship”.
In our professional kitchen, we create delicious and straightforward dishes using daily fresh products of the best quality.
Our cooking style is international and knows no boundaries.

Stiel in Schagen means: A hearty, warm welcome to everyone at every moment of the day. Come and enjoy!

Our doors open at 10:00 am, when we start serving delicious coffee or tea brewed from freshly picked herbs with pastries made in house - deliciously sweet or savoury. Enjoy your lunch in lavish style. Drink a sublime glass of wine and put together your own lunch platter from the delicatessen list. Experience a bustling atmosphere at the “chef’s-bar”, which gives you an interesting peek into the kitchen. Taste a range of small dishes on your own or as a share-plate, as is the custom in Mediterranean countries; perhaps combined with a suitable beverage.

Full of enthusiasm and passion for our profession, we cook and serve you surprising flavour combinations. We wish you an enjoyable and pleasant stay with us.

Bon appétit

Maike, Muus, Lars
and Team Stiel

Opening hours

Wednesday10:00 – 00:00
Thursday10:00 – 00:00
Friday10:00 – 00:00
Saturday10:00 – 00:00
Sunday10:00 – 00:00


Via +31 224 820 222 or